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Why I Don't Play Minecraft Why I Don't Play Minecraft

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I didn't get it.

...Or you are not playing minecraft because everything explodes and catch on fire?

I don't play minecraft either. But just because it does not offer me anything I like.

superman vs android18 superman vs android18

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done :)
I like to read these comments who are right to way defending superman :D
To me superman is one of the worst ever made comicbook character. It's like one of those things when you played superheroes as a kid with your friends and there was always one who got more and more and more and eventually said he/she is undefeatable and can do everything. Superman is that kid.

It's hard to like something that does not fear nor have weaknesess (glowing rock as a weakness is just a poorly made quick excuse to make the character even more powerfull). It makes the character soulless and almost nonhumanoid, villain like even. I want to see an animation about superman getting owned by every other comic and manga character ever made.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Start was bit weird and sudden but as Iceghost47 good camera skills and nice spacing. It left me to want to see more! Great job!

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Markimation: Black Rose Markimation: Black Rose

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some critism: Before you start animating try to find your own style and don't copy numerous other styles :/ I know that if you went to animation school they pretty much prolly forced you to copycat others there but still just draw and draw and draw. Find your own style.
And secondly do you wanna be famous amongst 9-13 years old children who likes weird faces or do you wanna be taken seriously as a animator? If the answer is latter, then find yor own style and don't go further into the asscockfartshit style where faces and everything twists randomly for no reason. I don't know who can find that funny anymore other than underaged kids who should not watch these in the first place.

Also this animation felt like it was just randmly put short clips together and syncet with random parts from markpliers video that does not really have anything funny in the first place. Don't understand me wrong he is a funny guy and I watch almost every video he makes but this was just plain boring.

However the animation quality was nice in most parts and lip syncing was very good.
Id like to see more from you if you find your own style and change the way towards real animating instead of just cheap facetwisting humor that really sickenss me because it was fun first time back in 2004 or so. BUT NOT anymore. (I do hope that there is others too who understand what I mean).

VaneFox responds:

Nah I totally understand what you mean! Thanks for your brutal honesty because I need it! A slap to the face to get me going! You know you're more than correct, I am just finding my style though and doing this felt quite unnatural to me but I think I have it, an inkling of my style is just hanging there, such as every part where his face isn't weirdly contorted.

And you're right, it was pretty boring, I mean, it felt a lot better early on in the draft but I look back on it and it wasn't the best. But what I have planned next should be much better! (Expect weird contorted faces in another different animation I have planned too, though tasteful, I'm sure)

Hizdahr zo Loraq Hizdahr zo Loraq

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Animation quality was really good as always from you. Also voice acting was top quality but since I don't watch TV series and prolly would watch something like Game of Thrones (even tho I am huge fan of genre) only if someone pays for me. I did not understood the joke. Nor found anything in this animation to be something new and fresh. I can image few hundred other animations and jokes to be made of the same "part?" as in this animation if ppl who follows that show finds it funny.

Since you really are good animator and known well enough around interwebs to be able to find and work with good voice actors I recommend you to make something own or hire someone to write the animation stories for you that actually represents your style and move away from parodies etc.
You have already reached the point where you don't have to make pointless parodies and copycat others work to be able to be succesfull. (example Sexualobster and Happyharry).

Leave parodies for those who are still trying to reach the point to be labelled as good animator.


Goku Meets Vegeta Goku Meets Vegeta

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I hate how nowadays ppl make wannabe comedy animations where characters faces twist ridiciously and pretty much everything is dicks and poop.
I was expecting that this is one of those but oh man I was so happy it was not one of those :D
High pitched "aaAAAaa" made me giggle but the part after that where vegeta was crying felt lil bit too long. Also the ending words gave nice lil extra touch for the animation and closed it well without any extra crap.

Also animation quality was exellent and voice acting perfect. Well done, sir!

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Yoda Yoda

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Animation and drawing was top quality but the joke was too overused and somewhat tastless even at the normal standard of that overused joke. However the ending where yoda was walking away needs to be looped with some ridiclious music! That ending itself was so damn funny that I'd like to give 5 stars but I really have to drop half off because of the "main" part of the joke.

Anyway I recommend you to make a nice loop of yodas walk with some over the top music or let someone else to make it.

Great job!

DailyToon responds:

Appreciate the feedback, the ending was the start of the whole idea, so glad you liked that bit, maybe i need to do a looping animated gif as well :p

Barbershop Barbershop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

In Finland, atleast where I live (near russian border) we don't have barder shops. TBH I am pretty sure there ain't any in Finland at all. Our "hair salongs" are for women and men and usually private lil bussines ran by middle aged very kind women alone in their basement. And we got lot of those... Really... Really alot...
Tho I don't cut my hair at hair salongs. I let it grow till it gets too badly tangled and is starting to reach my bottom ^^ and when it does, I'll cut it shorter with knife.

Anyway for some reason I want to visit a barber shop like shown in the animation, for some reason...

Battlefield in a shellnut Battlefield in a shellnut

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I really almost hate the copypaste style that so many uses nowadays because it makes 16y old emos giggle. I mean the random twisting and horrible dick jokes and stupid faces etc.
However I wont let that affect the rating because its my personal opinnion.

Art was okay yet nothing new or original exept the way how you draw faces.
Only part of the story/joke I understood was EA sucking money out of everyone and I agree 100% with that definetly... Bastard big companys seems to be this way nowadays (which is why I mainly pay only from indie games).

Other jokes like lensflares I didnt understood because Frostbyte tries to be realistic and bf4 is atm world most beatyfull/realistic looking game in it's scale.
It's like you are against realism in graphics which ofc is your opinnion ofc.
Also animation name gave wrong information almost totally because of that. I tought there would be jokes about bugs, glitzhes, gameplay mechanics being somewhat unplayable and things like getting instantly spawnkilled 10 times in row because of the failing spawn system in conquest maps and so on.
2 stars for EA part and 0.5 for effort.

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Google- Google-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I don't personally like dubstep that much tbh if you would have added nice uplifting start and massive drop on "nope" part and ridiciouls melody after that. The animation would have been more polished and ready to me.
Atleast that's what I think ^^