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I didn't get it.

...Or you are not playing minecraft because everything explodes and catch on fire?

I don't play minecraft either. But just because it does not offer me anything I like.

Well done :)
I like to read these comments who are right to way defending superman :D
To me superman is one of the worst ever made comicbook character. It's like one of those things when you played superheroes as a kid with your friends and there was always one who got more and more and more and eventually said he/she is undefeatable and can do everything. Superman is that kid.

It's hard to like something that does not fear nor have weaknesess (glowing rock as a weakness is just a poorly made quick excuse to make the character even more powerfull). It makes the character soulless and almost nonhumanoid, villain like even. I want to see an animation about superman getting owned by every other comic and manga character ever made.

Start was bit weird and sudden but as Iceghost47 good camera skills and nice spacing. It left me to want to see more! Great job!

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Waiting for volume 2 :)
There seems to be some bugs around still. Musics and ambience cutting out randomly at different scenes and fighting part could have some effects, feedback and louder volume on punches etc.

Anyway still very good job!

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Everytime you manage to amaze me with the rythm/beat. I just love those hihats or whatever you use.
This also gives out lil bit Legacy of Kain series feeling which is amazing.


TitanMusic responds:

Ah! Thanks so much!

Congratz on front page! ^^

I am actually visiting my dad (he used to make one of the best hifi speakers in the world (gradient/gratitech/forvoice) So ofc he got just perfect set and room to listen cinematic music. We both enjoyed this reel and probably annoyed neighbours in 2 km radius aswell with high volume :D

Good Job!

P.S if you ever get chance to listen your own music in room that have perfect setup and high quality speakers I'd recommend you to keep listening your tracks as long as possible. There is actually minor problems in low frequency sounds and so on but nothing too serious yet noticeable.

ComposerDylan responds:

Thanks so much for your message!
Im glad you and your Dad enjoyed my showreel and annoyed neighbors! thats the best way to enjoy music :)

Epic as expected :)
And there is those delaying/multihit hihats too <3

btw did you use VSTi for piano? And if you did could you tell me which one? Sounds very nice and realistic ^^

TitanMusic responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it!
I used "The Giant" a Native Instruments piano package which I think is great.

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I am speechless. Usually I find something to critize or something that strikes my eye and kinda makes the art piece less attractive.
BUT this one... holyflyingsphagettimonster THIS one is amazing!
This is like a moderm art you would find from billionare art lover's mansion!

Extrememely well done! Good job!

YakovlevArt responds:

Haha, oh well, you're just being too kind ;)
But, I'm glad you love it. NG is always awesome to me and my work.

Absolutely fantastic!
For some reason this looks like what moomin would have looked if studio chibli would been the one who made the animated series. ^^

I can see this as a game. Just needs blocky human and a dog :)
Only thing that bothers me lil bit is the darker brown splatter that is over the 3D model top left and bottom right. It kinda ruins lil bit the 3D view and "popping" out of the room, making it look more flat.

Self taught 3D/2D-artist. Trying to find job as a 2D designer in game industry :3

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