Entry #27

Want pixel art or "amiga" paintings?

2016-07-11 07:30:41 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

Selling my designing skills if anyone is interested about pixel/pixelated paintings / designs.

Colorless designs: 5e

Colored character (no background): 10e

Full painting: 15-20e

Max resolutio 1000x1000 (Wide/tall pictures can be discussed about via private messages).

You can also ask about frame by frame animations or higher reso pictures.


Some earlie work:



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2016-07-11 07:41:49

no idea


2016-07-11 10:38:26

Great looking tattoo art... wait, you have a working Amiga? Always wanted one of those, loaded with Video Toaster and Lightwave (which is still somehow being used today).

ApprenticeBlacksmith responds:

Heh thanks :)
I still got my very first "console" which is amiga 500. Unfortunually it has some problems with TVs and last TV it worked with, died around 13 years ago :/