New music project...

2013-12-01 04:35:54 by ApprenticeBlacksmith


I am starting a new project and for that I need beatboxer and maybe someone who can make few spoken words (not decided yet).
The plan is to make music out of random stuff I have made in stone/metal artisan school and items I can find from my appartment and make video record of em playing.

So for the beat Id like to have someone beatboxing and have a video material also. You dont have to show your face or anything like that. Just something like hands over your mouth from sideview or lips only when beatboxing etc.
And same goes with spoken words if there will be any.

The track will be 100% free and I will upload it in here NG and you will be credited as equal partner in crime.

HOWEVER I am not sure when I am going to start making this track because it's up to the recording equippent.
If I cannot borrow video camera from school I would be forced to use my notebook which would mean lower quality sounds. So... Feel free to contact me if you are still intrested and want me to contact you once I start making the track.

Also here is a pic I drew :p
(can be found from my NG art page and from my deviantart page)

New music project...


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2013-12-01 06:41:41

I personally prefer to use FL studio and audacity. However I use also Music Morpher and huge amount of VSTis. If you are intrested about making music by urself I recommend you to try out FL studio demo which lets you to do pretty much all basic things in it but not save as FL files. Also some VSTis have time limit etc.