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Selling my designing skills if anyone is interested about pixel/pixelated paintings / designs.

Colorless designs: 5e

Colored character (no background): 10e

Full painting: 15-20e

Max resolutio 1000x1000 (Wide/tall pictures can be discussed about via private messages).

You can also ask about frame by frame animations or higher reso pictures.


Some earlie work:


It took 26 years but everything's going in the right way now.


Nelf hunter (WIP)

2016-05-13 02:38:01 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

Random nelf hunter pixelart (WIP).


Vote for next pixelart enviroment livestream!

2016-04-04 13:43:50 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

Will be livestreaming tonight pixelart enviroment art in Twitch !

You can now vote which of 3 choses I will make pixelart of!

World of Warcraft

Darksouls (1, 2 or 3)

Doom (4) I don't want to make copy of 1 or 2. And 3 was really meh. Only pinky had awesome new model)).

Vote here: (requires twitter account).


2016-02-01 04:57:07 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

Pixel wolfie! Practicing animal animations.


Kinda wanna draw him flip a middlefinger...


New avatar!

2015-08-29 10:11:29 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

While drawing one project I (for some reason) started drawing a cat that turned into a fox and eventually into this avatar :p


This drawing has 2 purposes I am going to join in NG MIA contest with it and it's also going to be printent on the fabric as a painting for my mother. She had birthday recently so this will be my gift to her as she loves tigers.

I am probably live streaming today or tommorow while painting this.


Drew myself as a chibi. And yeah my hair literally goes like that when I am wearing a scarf.


New Avatar!

2015-01-06 18:54:19 by ApprenticeBlacksmith

New avatar and character I am working on!